Video: how active is the competition on LinkedIn?

For a number of years now, as an administrator of a LinkedIn company page, you can get insight into, among other things, the number of (new) followers of proposed competitors. Admittedly, this overview was well hidden. LinkedIn is now making a change, making this more noticeable to administrators. Below I describe this new functionality.


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LinkedIn popular during Corona

Before I show you how to gain insight into your competitors' LinkedIn numbers, let me share some other numbers. Marketing Agency 'We Are Social' and Social Media Tool Hootsuite survey the use of various social media channels worldwide every year. A report that downloaded for free can be.

Interesting LinkedIn figures (Belgium):

  • 4.1 million Belgians had an account on LinkedIn in 2021 (+ 300,000 vs. 2020)
  • 56.8% men & 43.2% women

So, due to the corona crisis, more Belgians seem to have found their way to LinkedIn. Perhaps to stay digitally in touch with our business relations and/or to get in touch with new, interesting contacts.

No new feature

The feature for an administrator of a LinkedIn page to make comparisons with peers is not new. It was just very well hidden. LinkedIn is now making a change, making this functionality accessible from the menu.

If you're expecting far-reaching insights, you don't need to read any further. But as I show in the video below, you can still get hold of some interesting numbers to compare with your business on a regular basis.

Video tutorial

In the video below, I show you the relatively new Competitors feature in LinkedIn:


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Logically, you won't get far-reaching insights, but LinkedIn still offers some interesting numbers.