Tutorial: How to use a green screen in OBS and link with Microsoft Teams or Zoom

More and more you see vloggers on YouTube or social media using a green screen. The program "OBS" is particularly popular for this purpose. But how does it work? How can you use a green screen to create such videos? And how do you then get these images into Zoom or Microsoft Teams? I will gladly give you the answer step by step:


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Why use OBS?

In both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you can work with virtual backgrounds. There are also several presenter views that instantly make your presentation a lot more engaging. If you want to go next level, you can also use tools such as OBS work.

Configuration OBS

Below I describe step by step how you can build entire scenes in the background thanks to the green screen feature in OBS (Chroma Key):

Step 1: Install OBS

So the software we are about to work in is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). So the first step is the installing this software.

Step 2: Setting up camera in OBS

When you first open OBS, you need to go to "Sources" to set up the devices or files you need during your presentation or video. I provide explanations of some of these sources:

  • Image: for example, a background you wish to load
  • Audio Input Recording: setting up a microphone or headset
  • Audio Output Recording: recording computer sound
  • Screen capture: involve your desktop or second screen in presentation or recording
  • Window recording: similar to 'screen capture' but just a specific app
  • Video recording device: your webcam or an external (via USB) linked camera

Tip: always work with clear descriptions. Otherwise you risk losing the overview after a while.

OBS - Adding webcam or camera

Step 3: Chroma Key function

The next step now is to make the green background you have from your green screen disappear. You do this as follows:

  • Right click on your camera
  • Choose "Filters.
  • Under 'Effect filters', add the 'Chroma Key' filter

Depending on the result, you can now adjust some parameters to improve your image. Tip: Good lighting is important when using a green screen.

OBS Green Screen Function (Chroma Key)

Step 4: Record or stream (via Virtual Cam)

Now that this is all set up you can:

  • Recording your videos via the 'Start recording' button
  • Set up livestream (e.g. YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn) via the 'Start Livestream' button
  • Using your image as a 'webcam' in Zoom or Teams

For the latter, you need a piece of software, viz. OBS Virtual Cam. This plug-in allows you to replace the image from your webcam with the image you have now created in OBS.

Example for inspiration:

Green screen function (Chroma Key) in OBS
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More and more you see vloggers on YouTube or social media using a green screen. But how does that work? I'm happy to give you the answer.