The real reason why I'm an absolute fan of LinkedIn!

I have written several articles about it in the past the importance of LinkedIn. For the doubters among you, I give 7 good reasons to be 'active' every day and I share why I have become an absolute fan of this form of social media.


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1. Great chance of a large reach

Almost half of all adult Belgians have a LinkedIn account. About 40% of these users watch it daily. On the other hand, studies say so only 1% of these users post weekly. The vast majority have never even posted anything. i.e. there are many users, but the number of posts is relatively limited.

You also have the details of first and second degree contacts. With some help from your connections (first-degree contacts), your post can be seen relatively easily by the 'friends of your friends' (second-degree contacts). A simple 'like' is even sufficient here.

All this makes LinkedIn so interesting! Once you have a quality network, the content you post will generate a considerable number of impressions. This of course depends on the quality of this content. Tips for this can be found here.

LinkedIn Statistics 2022 Users Worldwide
Statistics 2022: LinkedIn users worldwide

2. LinkedIn provides inspiration

Because I am connected with people in a similar position or people active in the same sector, the content that these people share is also relevant to me. Just scrolling through LinkedIn once in a while often gives you a lot of ideas to get started yourself.

Extra Tip: you can 'Save for later' a post on LinkedIn. Bee 'Saved posts' all these messages are saved.

Tip LinkedIn: Save post for later
Tip LinkedIn: 'Save post for later'


3. LinkedIn = Search engine

According to studies, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 uses TikTok and Instagram increasingly as a search engine. Almost half of these young people prefer such social media over Google.

At first I was surprised when I read the above article in the summer of 2022. Until I took a moment to think about my own search behavior on LinkedIn. In recent years I searched and found several specific people. For example: actor promo videos, multiple keynote speakers, Google Analytics specialist, etc. Thanks to the filter options you can quickly find the right people. Within or just outside your network.

Example: suppose you are looking for someone with 'B2B Marketing' experience within your network.

Sample LinkedIn Search
Example: you are looking for a 'B2B Marketing expert' within your connections

PS: the other way around, this also means that – if you want to be found for certain keywords – your profile must contain these words.

4. Follow your competitors & stay informed

In addition to connecting, you can also follow people and companies on LinkedIn. Which is enough to see posts from this appear in your feed. Posts that can be inspiring and/or that keep you informed of the ins and outs of your competitors.

Additional Tip:  did you know you can find out how well your competitors score on LinkedIn? [Video]

5. LinkedIn provides extra visitors

Sufficient variation in your posts is important. Even though the LinkedIn algorithm prefers the use of photos and videos, the occasional link to your own website should certainly be possible because it provides extra visitors.

Depending on the content, a Click-Through Rate (CTR) or click-through frequency between 2 and 5% is realistic. If your post gets 500 views, you can still hope for about 10 to 25 people who click through to your website. Again: this is purely dependent on the quality of your network and the content of your post!

Example Click-through rate LinkedIn
Example: LinkedIn click-through rate

6. External communication = internal communication

Of course you should not share important announcements to your staff via LinkedIn. But you should not underestimate how important social media is for your internal communication. In this way, colleagues also stay informed of activities or novelties outside the department.

Sample LinkedIn Internal External Communication
Example: by sharing this message on LinkedIn, other colleagues within also know about the good partnership with Epson.

7. LinkedIn is completely free

Last but not least: LinkedIn is completely free to use! Of course you can consider opting for the paid version (LinkedIn Sales Navigator) to go. But in principle you can get by with the free version. If you are going to use it more intensively, you should consider a Sales Navigator account. Being able to create lead lists on both 'accounts' and 'contacts' is interesting here. Just like being able to send InMails.

I myself - at the moment - no longer have a paying account and I only occasionally bump into the maximum of 300 characters when sending connection requests + limitation of 1,000 searches per month.


LinkedIn is simply a wonderful product, in which I also discover new functionalities and benefits every month. All of this completely free to use! So my advice: use it. Whatever your role within your organization is!

Tom Hufkens

Tom Hufkens

Passionate about online marketing & founder of this blog. In daily life Marketing Manager at a Belgian ICT company.

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For the doubters among you, I give 7 new reasons to be active every day and why I almost became addicted to this form of social media.