SE Ranking Review: the 5 most interesting features at a glance

Whether you're a blogger, SEO specialist or business owner of a sole proprietorship: if you want to boost traffic through organic search results to the top, you need a tool that can help you do that. SE Ranking is one such tool. Through the guest blog below, Steven De Moor describes the 5 most interesting features.


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What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is an affordable and easy-to-use SEO tool that can add value to any website owner. Although its main focus is on measuring keyword positions, SE Ranking provides you with even more insightful functionality that allows you to measure your website's organic performance.

SE Ranking: 5 main features

To give you a good idea of SE Ranking's capabilities, I've outlined the most important features for you below:

1. Rankings

'Rankings' is immediately the most useful functionality in the list. It measures the positions of keywords in Google, Yahoo or Bing. You simply add keywords and SE Ranking tracks the positions of these keywords every day. You immediately see the position of the keyword, the URL with which the keyword is linked and whether there is a decrease or increase compared to the previous period.

You have the option in the 'Rankings dashboard' to tag or group keywords to keep an overview. In addition, you can also immediately filter all keywords into the top 3, 5, 10 and so on.

SE Ranking - Positions
SE Ranking: function 'Rankings'

2. Analytics & traffic

Do you find it annoying to constantly Google Analytics and Google Search Console to be used interchangeably? Then the "Analytics & Traffic functionality particularly convenient. For example, in the Analytics dashboard you can see at a glance the most important metrics in Google Analytics summarized in some nice graphs. Just think about the number of sessions, the average session duration, the number of goals achieved, the best performing traffic channels and so on.

On the other hand, you also have a similar dashboard for data from Google Search Console and you can see in the Snippets section how your search results are displayed in Google. For example, you can immediately see if your schema markup for FAQs and Reviews are shown or not.

3. My competitors

What you do yourself, you usually do better. But that doesn't mean you can't peek at your competitors. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel yourself. That's why at 'My Competitors the follow up positions of 5 competitors. SE Ranking will hereby analyze the same regions and search engines as your website.

In the 'SERP Competitors' module you can see at a glance the top 100 websites scoring on a keyword you measure yourself within 'Rankings' and in the 'Visibility Percentage' module see how you rank relative to your competitors in terms of visibility, based on the keywords you have added.

SE Ranking - SERP competitors
SE Ranking: feature 'My Competitors'

4. Keyword research

To rank well in a search engine, it is important to optimize pages with keywords. With SE Ranking, of course, you also have the option of doing a keyword research. Enter a search term and you will immediately see the average monthly search volume, the average cost per click if you want to advertise on the term and hundreds of suggestions that fit your chosen keyword.

5. Website Audit

The "Website Audit module is another favorite of mine. As soon as you add your website to 'Rankings,' SE Ranking performs an audit of your website. And SE Ranking does this in great detail. On the basis of this audit, you can immediately see which problems need more attention and where you need to call in your marketer or developer.

For example, in the module 'Problem report at a glance which errors, notes and warnings SE Ranking has discovered on your website. SE Ranking provides a description of each error, note or warning so that you immediately know what it is about and what impact it has on your website. In the module 'Found Resources see which images are visible on your website and in the 'Found links' module Which pages link to each other and which external links to other websites were found.

SE Ranking - Audit
SE Ranking: feature 'Website Audit'

All-in-One SEO Toolbox

Apart from the modules I listed above, SE Ranking offers more than 30 other modules that allow you, for example, to analyze your social media channels, discover backlinks to your website and optimize your own content. So handy tools for any website owner!

Want to SE Ranking discover for yourself? Then you can do so via a free trial period of 14 days!

SE Ranking is an affordable and easy-to-use SEO tool that can add value to any website owner.

Steven De Moor