PostProval: Belgian-made social media management

A social media management platform with domain name "" and a professional, English-language website. You would think for less that this is an American multinational. The opposite is true: PostProval is a 100% Belgian product!

West Flemish Britt De Roy is the inspirer of this start-up. "Despite our small team, we have big ambitions" it sounds. I had the honor of interviewing her and testing the platform extensively.

PostProval Team - Britt De-Roy Sippe Verhelle
PostProval Team: Britt De Roy & Sippe Verhelle


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Passion for online marketing

Britt De Roy is with PostProval not her test case. Ever since 2015, she has been helping companies as an independent marketing consultant and has also been running her own webshop "" for years.

Her passion for online marketing and sense of entrepreneurship gave Britt the idea to develop her own social media management tool in 2020. "Corona was providing more social media clients and since I had just become a mom, efficiency became even more important." Because of her own expertise, she naturally knows better than anyone the functions a Social Media Manager needs. "As a freelancer I didn't really feel attracted to those bigger tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, ...). Because those focus more on agencies and large marketing teams. PostProval really focuses on a social media manager with multiple clients."

Together with software developer Sippe Verhelle, she created an all-in-one platform that currently includes support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok.

PostProval Creating Social Media Post
PostProval: social media post creation

Social Media Management

Despite the fact that in addition to publishing, scheduling posts in more and more social media channels is becoming possible, using a social media management tool is still recommended. For example, I wrote previous reviews on Buffer, Later and Hootsuite.

A first and perhaps most important argument is efficiency. You save yourself a lot of 'login stress' and copy and paste text. In addition, most planning tools also offer an 'approval flow'. This allows posts to be approved before publication - if desired.

Client Approval Flow

As the name might suggest, 'Client Approval' also gets a lot of attention in the PostProval app. PostProval was developed out of the "frustration" of having to wait for approval of posts as a Social Media Manager.

Britt De Roy explains: "Every month I had to make a calendar for more than 10 clients and get approval for it + schedule it (on time). Some respond via WhatsApp, others via email, etc. Therefore, I also wanted to get this in one place."

PostProval - Overview Posts with statuses
Example of scheduled posts in PostProval

Distinctive features

In addition to basic functionalities like publishing and scheduling your social media posts, the platform offers some distinctive features besides "Client Approval" that you won't find just anywhere:

1. Clients

As an independent marketing consultant, Britt worked for several clients. So it makes sense that PostProval offers the ability to manage multiple clients from one portal. A very handy feature for professional marketers! With one login you can manage all your clients and their subscriptions.

2. Time Zone

A feature of interest to international organizations within PostProval is "Time Zone. It sounds trivial, but if your target audience is in a different time zone, you need to take this into account as a Social Media Manager. In PostProval, you can therefore set the correct time zone when creating a new client.

3. First Comment

Through PostProval, you can set up a "First Comment" - suddenly when creating a post. A method used especially on LinkedIn to share a link (url), for example.

4. Statistics

By linking the various social media profiles of your company and/or clients to PostProval, you get all the statistics collected in one place. This both in terms of number of followers, and results of your posts. Also for posts that are not posted through the platform.

PostProval - Analysis and Statistics
PostProval: Analysis and Statistics

Quick & personalized support

"With these specific features, we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. With this, we specifically target the Social Media Manager who manages multiple accounts. Here we find fast and personal support very important."

And I speak from experience: both when I created my account and when I made my first post, Britt gave me a personal message of support. "In that support, we really want to excel" she stresses.

What does PostProval cost?

Want to give PostProval a try? Create your account online and test the platform free for 30 days. Afterwards, you have the choice of:

  • Basic formula: from €15/month (per customer)
  • Advanced formulaprice on request
PostProval - Creating social media post with templates
PostProval: scheduling social media post based on template.

Roadmap PostProval

Admittedly: PostProval is still a young platform with room for growth. Britt De Roy herself realizes this too: "There are still a lot of new features on the horizon. In the relatively short term, users can expect a completely new layout. We are also currently looking into the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). To - based on data per customer - make suggestions such as the ideal time of a post, use of color in the visuals/images, length of the post, etc."

In addition, she confided in me that there are some interesting features still to come. For example:

  • Automatic reporting: share results with your customers
  • 'Hashtag manager' by customer: the agreed hashtags quickly at hand
  • Client dashboard: which posts have been approved and which have not yet been approved
  • 'Input zone': a space where customers can pass on photo materials and e.g. important events.


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Every month I had to make a calendar for more than 10 clients and get approval for it + schedule it (on time). Some respond via WhatsApp, others via email etc. Therefore, I wanted to get this in one place as well.