Make your webinars more engaging thanks to new presenter views in Microsoft Teams

Every month Microsoft adds new functionalities in Microsoft Teams. Given the many possibilities – also for marketers – it makes sense that Teams is a recurring theme in my blog. This time I'm zooming in on the new presenter views that were recently added.


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The novelties that Microsoft systematically adds to Microsoft Teams don't come easily. It listens very much to the feedback of its users. It also offers opportunities for marketers. Not only to be able to collaborate more efficiently (more about this in a later article), organizing an online or hybrid event is also possible via Teams. The comparison with other tools such as GoToWebinar, Zoom or Webex is for a later moment. So now we are going to talk about MS Teams:

New presenter views in Microsoft Teams

Whether you want to share a PowerPoint or a web page, thanks to the new presenter views in Teams, you as a presenter now have 4 possible views to present to an online audience:

1. The classic view

The focus of your Teams presentation is on the content:

Teams - Option 1 Presenter Mode

2. Standout or green screen mode

With this "standout presenter mode," it looks like a presenter with a green screen works:

Teams - Option 2 Green Screen


3. Side by side view

Undoubtedly a future popular view is the side by side mode. This mode neatly juxtaposes the presentation and the presenter's image:


4. Reporter mode

The reporter mode is a combination of the standout and side by side mode. The image of you as the presenter is also cut out, but your presentation is more in the background:

Teams - Option 4 Reporter Mode

How to customize your presenter view?

The views above become available if you share your screen within Teams. Proceed as follows:Starting Presenter view in Microsoft Teams

  1. During your Teams meeting, look for the 'Share content' icon (or use the shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + E)
  2. Select the desired view
  3. Choose your screen or window you wish to share

Et voila! Your presentation can start and will probably be a lot more pleasant to follow.

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Microsoft doesn't make it easy for its competitors. This new feature makes Microsoft Teams more than ever a fully-fledged online event management tool. Do you want more tips towards the perfect webinar? Be sure to read this blog:Organizing a webinar with Microsoft Teams Teams: practical tips‘.

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Teams is also an absolute asset for marketers. Not only to collaborate more efficiently. Also for organizing online or hybrid events.