7 Common mistakes on LinkedIn

No one knows éxactly how LinkedIn's algorithm works. We can only learn and analyze. Below I share 7 common mistakes that are proven to be better not to do!


1. Editing posts (too quickly)

You can't let a clerical error stand, but it's best to wait a while before correcting it. Otherwise, chances are it will be pernicious to your outreach.

2. Hashtag instead of tag

Quite a few people struggle with "tagging" a company. There is indeed a difference between a hashtag (#) and tag (@) 😊.

3. Looking, not liking

"Like to be liked" is an important rule of thumb for LinkedIn!

4. Adding a URL unnecessarily

Be careful when adding URLs. Research has shown that posts with a link have about 8% less reach on average.

5. Ignoring comments

Comments boost your posts more than likes. If someone makes an effort to comment, be sure to thank them!

Stronger: perhaps you can "provoke" an additional reaction for yet another boost?😉

6. Texts that are too short

The 'ideal' text length would be between 1200 and 1600 characters. Long enough so that we have to click 'read more'.

BUT keep your paragraphs short and add an "enter" in a timely manner.

7. Not posting anything

Only 5% of LinkedIn users actually publishes content! Are you among those 95% LinkedIn users who never posts anything? Check here any additional LinkedIn tips & tricks.

Tom Hufkens

Tom Hufkens

Passionate about online marketing & founder of this blog. In daily life Marketing Manager at a Belgian ICT company.

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Only 5% of LinkedIn users actually publish content! Are you among those 95% LinkedIn users who never post anything?