5 Tips for more successful B2B marketing campaigns in 2022

The end of the year is classically the time where we look ahead to the year ahead. Through this blog, I share 5 trends you as a B2B Marketer better pay attention to in 2022.


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Tip 1: Go for personalization

Marketing automation forms an important part of this blog. The right message at the right time is the only right strategy for marketers in 2022. If your customer always buys brand A, you don't need to send him e-mails with products of brand B. This sounds simple, but to realize this you need a good marketing automation tool. In need of inspiration? Then be sure to read my review of ActiveCampaign.

Tip 2: Not found always missed

Many companies invest heavily in online marketing campaigns. Thousands of dollars are spent on ads on platforms such as Google Ads (SEA), Facebook or LinkedIn. Hopefully with the desired results afterwards.

I have learned over the years to also give adequate attention (time and budget) to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example, many surfers never click on the first, advertised search results. And why invest in expensive keywords, when you can also Can rank well organically and permanently in Google thanks to good SEO. Which tools are interesting for this, we will discuss later.

So my tip: do the test and see how well you rank for important keywords.

Tip 3: You only have 7 seconds

"You only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression.", it's a well-known quote that also applies online. What's worse, visitors to poorly functioning websites (not mobile-friendly, slow loading time, etc.) usually don't wait that long.

Google is now going to punish this as well. Starting in February 2022, search results on desktop will be determined by "page experience. Slow loading websites and sites with a lot of pop-ups will be punished by Google. A methodology that already applies to mobile surfers, by the way. So you better make sure your website loads on time. And for Google, 'timely' means a maximum of 2.5 seconds.

Tip: Want to test how smoothly your website ranks? Take the test here.

Tip 4: Webinars are here to stay, but you make the difference face 2 face

Recently I gave some tips that will help you In Teams your webinars more attractive can make. Short meetings that require hours of driving will continue to be organized via Teams. Certain online events are also here to stay, but for both Sales and Marketing, face-to-face contact is still essential. An important element to incorporate into your automation flows as a B2B marketer. Microsoft Bookings can be an interesting tool to look at in this regard.

Tip 5: Don't miss the LinkedIn train

I admit: not all the posts on LinkedIn are purely professional content today. Still, for me, LinkedIn remains a very important social media channel for (B2B) marketers. If you are regularly active, you notice a tremendous amount of activity in recent months. You feel by everything and everyone that 2022 will be the year of LinkedIn. As a company, it is best to get your employees excited now (e.g. via a training course) in order to reap the benefits next year.

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As a B2B Marketer heading into 2022, you better keep these 5 tips & tricks in mind